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CH 16/12


    The 50-60 degree spine wall you hit in your segment of Deeper was so insane-What do you do to calm yourself down and focus before dropping in?
    I take some very deep breaths, and usually I'm so nervous that I talk to myself, to sort of get my stoke up.
    If you won a free heli trip for 2 anywhere in the world-Where would you go and who would you take with you?
    I would go to AK specifically Haines. Or if it was "anywhere" the Fairweather range in southeastern Alaska. I would bring my buddy Chris Galvin that I shred with at Squaw. He stokes me up more than anybody on a snowboard. It would be rad to show him the mountains I grew up in and throw down on some nasty spine walls!
    You grew up on a commercial fishing boat and now captain your own boat-What keeps you motivated to transition from grueling winters to grueling summers?
    I don't really consider the winters to be grueling. I live to ride, I just feel very fortunate to have such a rad job in the summer time that I can take the winters off to pursue my true passion.



No wonder why he rides so hard.
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      "Running Free"- Iron Maiden
      "The Green Manalishi"- Judas Priest
      "White Unicorn"-Wolfmother
      "Earth Crisis"-Steel pulse
      "Jammin’"- Bob Marley
      "Welcome Home" (Sanitarium) - Metallica
      "Soul to Squeeze"- Red Hot Chili Peppers
      "Hellraiser"- 2pac

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